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a place where time stands still.

Since the building was built at the beginning of the XIX century, the design and the original structure have almost not changed. The house retains its colonial atmosphere. Casa Meyer Hostel has an inner patio with ornamental plants and surrounded by porches, where you can rest during the warm Trinitarian afternoons. Our hostel is located in the historic city center, near all museums and squares and right down the street from the bus station. We can recommend the best places and opportunities that Trinidad offers. Come be a guest in our "Casa Particular" and feel its history!.

Things that are a must in Trinidad

On 10th September 2017

After 50 years, Cuba and the United States will resume direct flights
For more than five decades there haven't been direct commercial flights between Cuba and the United States. Despite the geographical proximity, political remoteness kept the heavens locked. The embargo imposed by Washington functioned as the highest barrier. But this time of more symbolic than factual approaches seems to steps up with the signing of the Civil Aviation Understanding Memorandum between the Cubanaviation Transport minister, Adel Yzquierdo, and his US counterpart, Anthony R. Foxx, which will allow regular air travel between the two countries starting next fall. By signing the document, a fifteen days period is open for Americans airlines submit their applications to the Department of Transportation for routes They would like to operate. The agreement represents a potential of 110 connections back and forth, with twenty flights daily to Havana and ten daily flights to other airports on the island. The start of regular flights between Cuba and the US facilitate travel for Americans who fall within the twelve categories in which visitors are allowed to the island, where they still can not enter as tourists.

On 18th September 2017

WFP to donate food and assistance to Cuba after Irma
The World Food Program plans to set up ten temporary warehouses to assist the victims. As announced on Saturday they will donate $ 7.2 million in food to people affected by Hurricane Irma. After touring the community of Jaimanitas, one of the most affected places in Cuba, WFP Executive Director David Beasley emphasized that the aid will be complemented in four months to cover the food needs of around 664,000 people. The United Nations agency has 1606 metric tons of food in Cuba and has provided 1.5 million of its emergency fund to buy more food. The ex-governor added that if it had not been for the Cuban government's work, the impact on cuban people would have been worse. "I am here on behalf of the United Nations to observe, work and see with the Cuban authorities how we can cooperate," said Beasley, who spoke earlier with first vice-president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel. The distribution has as a priority the children of schools, people over 65, pregnant and mothers who are breastfeeding. Hurricane Irma hit the island last weekend. Ten people lost their lives and 1.7 million were evacuated. However by this time, transport and electirc power services are almost 100% reestablished.

On 19th September 2017

Horse riding
You can not miss a fantastic tour riding within the natural park "El Cubano" just 40 minutes from Trinidad, it is an appropriate excursion for all, including those who would want riding horse for the first time.
The tour is a long ride breaking through to "The Valley of the sugar mills" and the sugarcane plantations, you will have an amazing view, scenic mountain roads and be in close full contact with nature.
Once reaching the entrance of the natural park "The Cuban" the horse is left to continue on foot(30 mins) to the waterfall of "Javira", on this path is easy to observe any kind of endemic bird species until you find a natural swimming pool and take a bath under the waterfall enjoying a magnificent experience.
For those who want to, having lunch is available on the way back in a kind of rustic restaurant and have a typical Cuban food is guarantee.