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a place where time stands still.

Since the building was built at the beginning of the XIX century, the design and the original structure have almost not changed. The house retains its colonial atmosphere. Casa Meyer Hostel has an inner patio with ornamental plants and surrounded by porches, where you can rest during the warm Trinitarian afternoons. Our hostel is located in the historic city center, near all museums and squares and right down the street from the bus station. We can recommend the best places and opportunities that Trinidad offers. Come be a guest in our "Casa Particular" and feel its history!.

Lastest news in Trinidad

On 23 June 2014

First Festival of "Barro" in Trinidad, a celebration of tradition. Trinidad is a city where confluence of the most unimaginable legends , myths and traditions. The supremacy of ceramics made of clay that is what we are identified worldwide for. This weekend, Alejandro López Bastida with other pottery artist friends, showed this ancient practice, to conduct the first festival of mud in Trinidad, in despite of the Santander family legacy, who has molded this tradition for about 120 years. And what a show! The inauguration took place at the gates of the recently released Deustua gallery , along with the pottery patriarchs: Chichi , Zarielito , Jose Enrique ... Coki(the only woman who make this kind of art in the family) ...children and grandchildren ... all with their hands muddy , literally . The mud was not the only one who took the stage and came into view . Craftsmen artists were joined on the street, by tables full of productions from the local cafes and restaurants. And the luxury closing: as no one expected, the rain came and blessed us, closing the first act with popular support, in salute to the 500th Anniversary of our City Fundation.

On 23 June 2014

Maximum temperature record in TrinidadNew maximum record of temperature was recorded on June. 8 in Trinidad for this period and is the highest value of the current winter season in Spiritus Province as well. This June 8 weather station located in Trinidad recorded 32.6 degrees Celsius, maximum record of temperature for January in the southern territory, exceeding the value of 32.3 filed June 10, 1977.