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a place where time stands still.

Since the building was built at the beginning of the XIX century, the design and the original structure have almost not changed. The house retains its colonial atmosphere. Casa Meyer Hostel has an inner patio with ornamental plants and surrounded by porches, where you can rest during the warm Trinitarian afternoons. Our hostel is located in the historic city center, near all museums and squares and right down the street from the bus station. We can recommend the best places and opportunities that Trinidad offers. Come be a guest in our "Casa Particular" and feel its history!.

Lastest news in Trinidad

On 11 August 2014

Van Van in Trinidad: A Dream Fulfilled. The terrible news received by the people of Cuba in May this year, put many on edge. The passing of Juan Formell, the creator of a 'machine' as Los Van Van, came into play many emotions and many moments of Cuban culture. However, for those who thought this would be the end for the band, Samuel Formell and the members of 'The Train of Cuba' showed that Van Van will last for many years. In such a way, and after his presentation in France without the bass maestro, Juan Formell, this illustrious group reached Trinidad as part of his national tour, giving to all the people of the city the music , that for generations, has accompanied each Cuban. According to statements of the director and son of Juan Formell, Samuel Formell, the tour "is dedicated to his father, who kept the flag of the new dance music from the 1960s. It's like a time count, after so many years of work , so many concerts, making dance the Cuban people and the world. Los Van Van have been as ambassadors of the country's culture. " Not only ambassadors but also a reflection of society and its needs and highlights a real support for ordinary people, who knows that Formell writings were by and for them, for those who do the day to day and the beauty of everyday. Undoubtedly, Los Van Van in Trinidad, will be the most significant event in a long time.

On 2 September 2014

Quick Mojito recipe
2 teaspoons sugar 6-8 mint leaves Club soda 1 lime, halved 2 ounces light rum Mint sprig for garnish
1. Place the sugar, the mint leaves, and a little club soda into a highball glass.
2. Muddle well to dissolve the sugar and to release the mint flavor.
3. Squeeze the juice from both halves of the lime into the glass.
4. Drop one half of the lime into the glass.
5. Add the rum.
6. Stir well.
7. Fill the glass with ice cubes.
8. Add the rest of the club soda.
9. Garnish with the mint sprig.