Welcome to Trinidad Cuba

a place where time stands still.

Since the building was built at the beginning of the XIX century, the design and the original structure have almost not changed. The house retains its colonial atmosphere. Casa Meyer Hostel has an inner patio with ornamental plants and surrounded by porches, where you can rest during the warm Trinitarian afternoons. Our hostel is located in the historic city center, near all museums and squares and right down the street from the bus station. We can recommend the best places and opportunities that Trinidad offers. Come be a guest in our "Casa Particular" and feel its history!.

Things that are a must in Trinidad

On 30th May 2015

Sunset at Loma de la Vigia
When one walks up the Desenga˝o street, until the very end, you will find yourself over an slope full of weeds in the top of the city and smelling the mountain, dirt everywhere and humble homes. At the top are the ruins of the church, the oldest one in the city, now sunk in a hurricane of masonry that grows right next to a 5 star hotel they are building over the hill. From there, there is a beautiful view of Trinidad and its surroundings, the sea and mountains in harmonious relationship with the villa. But don't you stop there, going a little higher you will find the TV transmission tower and if you are lucky enough the 'responsible' will let you go up and take a seat in the on the roof of the cabin, from there be sure you brought your Havana bottle, because you are gonna have a blast looking as the sun sinks down the caribbean sea.

On 30th May 2015

Steam train ride
A trip on a 1919 steam train is not easily forgotten. This tour begins at the railway station in Trinidad, you have to be there at 9:00 a.m. for buying the tickets and the tour will depart at 9:30 a.m.. After 8 km from the city begins the fantastic view of the San Luis Valley best known for the 'Valley of Mills' name derived from sugar mill farms operating as small factories of sugar. Protected by UNESO since 1988, this portion of land was responsible for the of the larger sugar cane production in Cuba by 1850. The visit to the valley makes your imagination flies and encourages your fantasy of being moved at the time of the slaves and the sugar barons. The tour includes several stops in different former plantation as Guachinango and Manaca Iznaga where you will be able to climb the old 45m high tower and have a beautiful view across the valley.

On 30th May 2015

The Holy Trinity Church
The church is a beautiful catholic temple, one of the largest temples in the country and the most sumptuous and spacious in Trinidad. Its construction took 75 years, which resulted in changes to the project that transited from a neoclassical (greek style) to the academic version carried out according to the trends that prevailed on cuban architecture in the nineteenth century. It has 5 naves: the the main central is 48m in length x 10.50m wide, the ceilings consist in a cross cover barrel vaulted arches ogive, leading to lighting windows. The aisles are 40 m long x 5.5 m wide, covered by edge vaults. There are six chapels in each wing. The altars, made of cuban precious wood in a neo-Gothic version, were performed by a Dominican priest, assisted by a local carpenter, in the early twentieth century.